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Group Deals

Create coupons that are available only after a certain number of people request the coupon


Take a look at some of our past group deals promotions to see how they worked:

  • Example FanGate Page
    Offer Page >

    FanGate Page

    Require users to Like your Page before they can proceed. The content should encourage non-fans to click "Like" for access to the fan-exclusive offer. This is a call to action; be convincing!

  • Example Offer Page
    < FanGate Page Pending Tipping Point >

    Offer Page

    The actual form, where users input and submit any required information to access the offer. Include content that further explains the offer; add form fields to collect any information you want; or use a custom HTML form for the ultimate level of customization.

  • Example Pending Tipping Point
    < Offer Page Share Dialog Popup >

    Pending Tipping Point

  • Example Share Dialog Popup
    < Pending Tipping Point

    Share Dialog Popup

    Grab attention via the News Feed and Timeline posts with a customized Share Dialog. This can be shown as an automatic popup after entry; by clicking the Share button from the Post-Entry Page, and by manually posting the offer URL.

Group Deals Features