• Richland County Active Transportation Photo Contest

    From May 15 at 8:00 AM to Aug 31 at 8:00 AM, ALL community members are invited to submit up to 5 -photos that are people-centered and infused with the joy, energy and impact of walking and bicycling. In the description for each photo add #activerichlandcounty.

    The winner photos will be featured in our Active Transportation Plan.

    Prizes are as follow:

    1st Place - YMCA 3-month membership + $100 cash prize

    2nd Place - $100 cash prize

    3rd place - $50 cash prize

    • Honor Mentions - $25 Gift certificates to Y-NOT and Cycling Sports Center

    Click here for more info on contest rules and guidelines.

  • *Note of Street Photography and Privacy Law: As a general rule, in the United States anyone may take photographs of whatever they want when they are in a public place or places where they have permission to take photographs. Absent a specific legal prohibition such as a statute or ordinance, you are legally entitled to take photographs. Examples of places that are traditionally considered public are streets, sidewalks, and public parks. For more information on street photography law click here.

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