What's different about the Harmonix Live Head Putter? ...... EVERYTHING?

Everything is different! From the CNC milled brass, parallel arm head and compound curved hosel, to the french polished, triple laminated exotic wood shaft that is milled to the most unique shaft design in the history of golf. To top that off we insert a pure titanium rod through the center of the shaft to mechanically fasten the hosel to the shaft and transmit subtle vibration to enhance the 'feel' of the putt.

Both the 350 gram and 400 gram models have been through countless consumer trials over the past two years. Every time the Live Head putter is on the course it draws a crowd. People are not sure what to make of the unusually shaped head and sound - then they try it. They are hooked! Amazing accuracy from the first putt. Amazing balance before and after impact. Natural follow through.

What golfers don't notice or understand right away is when they strike the ball, there is NO BACK SPIN and MUCH SHORTER SKID TO PURE ROLL. They just know their putt was accurate. Period!

Golfers have reported up to seven strokes shaved off an average game with comments like, "The accuracy is incredible."
Die hard users of some of the biggest brand names in golf have been heard to say they want one after trying our Live Head putter.

Based on our immediate demand, Harmonix Golf has decided to release 1,000 Limited Edition ‘First Run’ putters, making them available by invitation only.

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