• Happy Valley Art School

    Doodle4Google Art Contest

    Friends and Family Show


  • Our students worked really hard to create design for the Doodle4Google contest. Students spent time brainstorming what inspire them, choosing the concepts they want to work on, finding references, designing drafts, revising their sketch, and finally creating a Doodle that shows what inspires them and what lies their true interest. It is a terrific experience for students to go through the design thinking process and to express their thoughts. Meanwhile, it is also a great opportunity for both the teachers and the parents to hear students' voice. We understand that Google will only choose one semi-finalist from each state. So we want to organize this student show to invite families and friends to look at our students' brilliant work and support their hardworking.

    You can share the link to your friends and family and support the artworks you like by voting for them. Everyone can vote any artworks you like. In April Happy Valley Spring Show, we will announce the best TEN artworks. The winners will get special gifts.

    我们学校举办校内的谷歌涂鸦大赛,希望可以邀请家长和亲朋好友们来支持我们学生努力创作的设计作品。 每个学生都竭尽所能地思考和创作,他们都在自己的作品中传达了他们的灵感源泉,并表达了他们喜欢在乎的事物。我们觉得对学生来说,他们学习了如何用设计思维的过程通过视觉艺术表达内心;对教师和父母来说,我们通过观看学生作品和聆听他们的阐述,可以更加了解孩子们近阶段的兴趣所在。