• The Empowered Passenger Video Contest

  • What is NC Vision Zero?

    NC Vision Zero is a collaborative initiative to end roadway deaths and serious

    injuries on our roads. For more information, visit us at: ncvisionzero.org.


    Anytime someone else’s driving makes you feel unsafe, you have the right,

    and the responsibility, to speak up. Speaking up empowers--makes you an

    Empowered Passenger! How do you speak up when someone else’s driving

    makes you feel unsafe? Submit a short video: Show others how to speak up,

    or share a time when you spoke up. Be clever. Be creative.  

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  • Restrictions

    Please do not behave unsafely while filming--use your creativity to depict

    dangerous situations without you or anyone else actually experiencing one. 

    For example:

    1. Do not film while behind the wheel, even if the vehicle is stopped.
    2. Do not film others without their consent.
    3. Do not break any laws, ordinances, regulations, etc.
    4. Keep it G-rated. 
    5. Only current residents of North Carolina may participate.

    Violating any of these restrictions will disqualify you.

    Intellectual Property Rights

    You retain ownership of your work. By submitting, you implicitly grant ITRE

    the right to use and distribute your work for any purpose related to the

    NC Vision Zero initiative, including on its website and social media accounts.