Welcome to High Art 2019! This year’s theme is TECHNOLOGY.

Using cannabis as your muse, your mission is to create an incredible work of art, something worthy of this year’s grand prize worth $25,000! 

High Art is the only international art contest dedicated to celebrating cannabis and creativity. The contest is open to all artists, in all countries and of all experience levels!

Submit your original artwork and show us what TECHNOLOGY means to you!

All entries must adhere to the spirit and theme of the competition.

The High Art panel reserve the right to reject any entries with objectional content.

SUBMISSIONS BEGIN: February 20, 2019, Midnight Pacific Standard Time

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: March 20, 2019, Midnight Pacific Standard Time.


Once your submission has been received, you will receive confirmation of your entry on our website.

Winners are determined by a panel of celebrity and private judges, not public vote. 

Online voting for the Crowd Favorite award begins as soon as entries are posted on our website.

The top 30 High Art finalists will be selected and appear online March 30th – April 15th, 2019.

All winners will see their art featured at the High Art Gallery in Santa
 Rosa, California and worldwide at select art and cultural events.
Additionally, winning images will be displayed on The Natural Cannabis
Company’s exclusive High Art packaging, promotional materials and social


  • Must be 18+ to enter.

  • Artwork may not contain depictions of celebrities, political figures, cartoon characters or any other logos or characters that may infringe upon privacy or copyright laws. (i.e. Bob Marley, Mickey Mouse, Rick & Morty, Homer Simpson etc.)

  • Only original artwork may be submitted. Any type of plagiarism of another artist’s work will result in immediate disqualification and bad karma.

  • Artwork previously entered in High Art or other major art competitions will be disqualified.

  • Each submission must include the name of the creator and title of work. (Name – Title.jpg.)

  • Each entry must include a brief description of the image as well as a short artist bio (350 words or fewer).

  • The Natural Cannabis Company shall have the right to display and  reproduce accepted work for promotional purposes, regardless of future
    ownership, in both printed and electronic form.

  • The Natural Cannabis Company has the sole right to refuse any submission deemed inappropriate.

  • Submission of multiple original works is allowed. Each submission must be unique and adhere to contest guidelines.

  • The contest is open internationally to all artists in all countries and of all experience levels from amateur to professional.

  • You MUST be able to provide a valid email address linked to a valid PAYPAL account to receive any prize money or compensation.

  • All cash prizes are paid in US Dollars.

  • Submitted artwork may be created in a variety of mediums including
    but not limited to paint (watercolor, oil, acrylic, gouache etc.), pen
    or pencil (charcoal, lithography etc.), digital design (Photoshop,
    Illustrator, Sketchbook etc.), mixed media (collage, creative materials
    etc.). Images of three dimensional works will be judged on photo composition.

  • Artists must submit a 1301 wide x 1733 tall .jpg (resolution of 72 DPI) digital file to enter.

  • Artists must submit a digital file (18” wide x 24” tall @ 150dpi .jpg) of their artwork if chosen as a finalist.

  • JPG compression quality of 12 (or the highest quality setting)


Enter the contest on this page beginning February 20, 2019 and before March 21, 2019

Upload your image in the form provided. Follow each step closely.


  • Print and Photo submission file names MUST follow the format: LastName-Title.jpg

  • Please fill out the entire form and load your image before sending the upload. If the submitted images are not sized properly, your submission may be disqualified.

  • The file name may not include special characters such as #, $, &, periods or similar characters.

  • File names may not exceed 40 characters.


When submitting your entries, we require that you provide a short bio
(350 words or fewer). Tell us a little bit about yourself; your artistic training, artistic inspiration, media choice, any special techniques used or anything you want the world to know about you. You may also include your website URL and social media links.

NOTE: All entrants will be judged on their entire submission packet, including the artist biography. Submissions accompanied by clear, complete bios will be rated higher than those with missing or incomplete information.


Every submission that is correctly entered will receive immediate notification on the same submission page.


Judging will be conducted by a diverse panel of international artists and accomplished individuals in professional and academic fields.

The High Art competition gives artists a unique platform to express their vision of “Cannabis + Technology.”

Submissions will be judged on adherence to the theme; whether they are creative, inspiring, provocative, or thought-provoking; as well as artistic and creative merit.

The artwork submitted to the competition will be judged based on the following elements of artistic expression:

  • Interpretation and the clarity of the theme to the viewer.

  • Creativity and originality in the depiction of the theme.

  • Artistic composition and overall design.

  • Overall impression of the art. What is the effect of the artwork in general and as a whole? Overall, does the artwork stand on its own as a complete and outstanding work of art?


20 artists will be selected to receive cash prizes.

10 artists will receive special recognition, plus one Crowd Favorite work will be selected by online popular vote.

Grand Prize: $15,000 USD + a $10,000 donation on your behalf to a top international charitable organization.*

Winning pieces will be seen by an international audience. The winning entries will be featured at the High Art gallery in Santa Rosa, California and on the High Art online art gallery featured on for one year and then remain in the gallery’s archives. Featured artists will gain exposure to an international audience, enhance their portfolio and increase traffic and links to their own websites or online portfolios. High Art promotes winning artists via product packaging, posters, email, online press releases, online event promotions, and social media marketing, as well as through exhibits and displays at prestigious international art and culture events.

*Winning artist may select a recipient from a list of top-rated
international charitable organizations provided by the High Art panel.


Each artist warrants that he or she has obtained all necessary releases from models and other subjects featured in the works of art and any additional releases required with respect to names, trademarks,
designs or works of art depicted in the submitted work of art and that the creation, display or distribution of the work of art will not violate any United States law.

Each artist warrants that he or she alone created the submitted work of art or if there are collaborators, they are named. Plagiarism will result in immediate disqualification. All works are checked for copyrighted and plagiarized materials.

Entries must be original works of art and not copies, derivatives or based in any way on other copyrighted or published works of art.

We will accept appropriated images as long as the original creator is acknowledged and credited and your methodology is explained.

Do not send images of your artwork which have been framed or contain watermarks.

High Art may color correct your images in order to enhance the overall presentation. High Art may crop your images for formatting purposes for use in packaging, promotional materials or other High Art
presentations and for other areas of our website.

Artist agrees and understands that by submitting their artwork to High Art that they are opting into the High Art subscription email list and will receive future email announcements and notices from us. If you would like to be removed from this list, just click on the “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of the email and we will remove you immediately.

Submissions of an entry to this competition imply acceptance of all above-stated conditions.