• 2025 Boston Marathon Notification List´╗┐

  • Thank you for your interest in joining us at the 2025 Boston Marathon. This event is our most sought-after marathon of the year and, as a result, we do not go on general sale. We will only offer places from our allocation based on previous booking history and it is a requirement that you complete the online form within the notification list window outlined below.

    The notification list will remain live until May 31, 2024. We will then begin the process of prioritising our runners in order of number of events completed before the Boston Marathon 2025 date. After completing the form should you book another event prior to us offering places it is your responsibility to update our team by calling 0161 703 8161.

    Contact will then be made to all eligible runners with a priority booking link around mid-June 2024. From there, you can choose your package, including the option to secure a place in the 2025 Boston Marathon with a deposit.

    Now, some important details:

    • Only events attended before April 21, 2025, count.
    • If you cancel a booking after being allocated a Boston place and this effects your place on the list we have the right to cancel your Boston booking and issue a refund of monies paid.
    • Entry-only and our One-day cycling experiences don't count.
    • Cancelled bookings will not be counted as an event.
    • Packages are only for UK residents.

    If you have travelled with us to Boston previously you will not be eligible for a second trip unless you meet the additional criteria below:

    1. You've completed the following events with us after your last trip to Boston (Tokyo, Berlin, Chicago, New York).
    2. You've booked with us at least seven times, including those events.
    3. Second trip places are limited and eligibility is based on your booking history.
    4. Please note a maximum 10% of our allocation is for second Boston bookings.
  • Please select an option: