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    The UC Global Health Institute: Planetary Health Center, UC Water and UCTV Sustainable California, with support from the Carsey-Wolf Center and UCSB Office of Health and Wellness, want to see your story of how access to food and water affects your life! Win prizes valued at $500, and your film screened at the UC Healthy and Equitable World Film Festival and on UCTV Sustainable California.

    Running on Empty:

     UC student stories about how access to food and water affects their pasts, presents and futures.

    University of California students are invited to submit short films, 3 minutes or less in duration, that tell their stories about how low or changing access to food or water has, is or will affect their lives, and explore the exciting world of filmmaking. 

    Some aspects of food and water access are universal, others vary by individual and campus. Students might explore issues involving only food or water access or consider both in their short film. For example:

    • How contaminated water has affected their families’ or communities’ health, and/or social and economic situations.
    • How dwindling natural resources (e.g. droughts) or mismanagement of resources (e.g. overfishing) has changed or will change their families’ livelihoods.
    • What lack of access to affordable healthy food has done to theirs, their families’ or communities’ health and lifestyles.

    All forms of documentary and non-fiction filmmaking are welcome. Your film can be animated or live action. Your film can be a selfie video, an interview with a relative, a series of still images with a voice over, an animated post-apocalyptic prediction of the future or any other film format that voices your story. Your film must be 3 minutes or less in duration. Entry is free. Top finalist films will be screened at the festival and on UCTV Sustainable California. Winners will be announced at the festival.

    UC Healthy and Equitable World Film Festival

    May 15, 2019 @ Corwin Pavilion, UC Santa Barbara

    Please read and carefully consider the Rules and Eligibility Guidelines and Terms and Conditions for the UC Healthy and Equitable World Film Competition 2019 before submitting your short film.

    To submit a film please use our online entry system below

    and do not forget the Consent Form!

    After you submit your film, you will be provided a URL that links to your film for online voting. Share your URL with others.

    Online audience's favorite wins a prize valued at $500!

    Submissions close 11:59 p.m. Monday, April 8, 2019

    Online voting opens 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, April 9, 2019