• Congratulations to Wahl's College Cuts Champion, Patrick Tape!

  • Patrick just finished up his senior season at the University of San Francisco and he truly believes that when you look good, you play good. "The saying ‘if you look good, you play good’ is definitely true. Doesn’t make up for all the hard work that goes into preparation but sometimes just feeling good about your hair and the way you look gives you that extra edge to be your best."

    Patrick not only makes sure he's looking his best before he hits the court, but he also keeps his teammates looking their best. "I don’t only just cut my own hair but also cut many of my teammates’ hair. I’m always offering to sharpen up their hairline, clean up their neck/beard, or actually give them a whole haircut, as I enjoy cutting hair and learning as I go."

    As the College Cut Champion, Tape will receive a $5,000 grand prize and a Wahl Pro clipper.

    Once again, congratulations to Wahl's first College Cut Champion - Patrick Tape!