The Count Basie Center ARTS MADNESS “tournament” is a showcase of the area's best artistic talent, from singers, instrumentalists, comedians, actors, animators – you name it. We've seen it all. The spirit of ARTS MADNESS isn't so much competition, but providing a platform for students to be seen and showcased, and for Count Basie Center patrons and online followers to recognize the depth of talent in the area, and the Basie Center's mission to nurture, promote and showcase the benefit of the arts. 


Round One:  March 18 – March 23 – 12pm 

Round Two: March 23 – March 26 12pm 

Round Three: March 26 – March 31 12pm 

Final Round: March 31 – April 5 (Midnight) 

The winner will be announced on the Basie Center and Basie Center Academy's social media channels at noon on Tuesday, April 6th. 

Voting is completely automated, tabulated and kept by the Woobox app. Patrons may vote up to one time per day.  In the event of a tie vote, the number of views a student video receives on YouTube via will be added to their vote total to determine the tiebreaker. 

Students are encouraged and are provided tools to promote the Arts Madness contest and invite family and friends to vote for themselves. 

The winner of Arts madness 20221 will receive an opportunity to perform at the Basie Center upon its full reopening. 

For more information, please email