• Non-Profit Partner for the Annual Boots & Blues Bag Benefit Sale

  • Are you a local non-profit that serves Wilco Customers in Oregon, Washington or California?

  • Apply to be the non-profit partner for your state for The Annual Boots & Blues Bag Benefit Sale, coming up this fall. The winning non-profit from each state will receive funds from the bag benefit sale.


  • Fill out the form below by April 30, 2024 at 11:59 PM PST

  • Form must be completed by owner/manager or authorized representative of the non-profit. Limit one application per non-profit organization. Any non-profit who attempts to apply multiple times may be disqualified at Wilco’s discretion.

  • Applying or being included in voting rounds does not guarantee the non-profit will receive funds.


  • "Top" applicants will be determined by ranking based on the following eligibility and selection criteria:

  • Applications will be reviewed in May 2024 and the non-profits ranking the highest will be included in the first voting round as the "top" non-profits. The number of "top" non-profits included in the first voting round will depend on the number of eligible applicants received for each state.

    Due to the number of applicants, "top" non-profits will not be notified that they will be included in the first voting round.


  • In June, the "top" non-profits will be included in two rounds of public votes, where Wilco customers will be invited to vote for the non-profits from their state.

    The 3 non-profits with the highest number of votes for their state will move forward to the final round. The final round will have 3 non-profits from each state. The non-profit with the highest votes at the end of the final round for their state will be selected as the winner. 


  • The final winning non-profit for each state will be contacted by August 1st, 2024 at 5:00 PM PST at the email address or phone number provided on the form.

    Due to the number of applications received, only the final winning non-profit for each state will be contacted. All other applicants or non-profits included in voting rounds will not be contacted.

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