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  • This special boxed set edition includes five contemporary romance books from a big family romance series fans have fallen in love with.

    The Reunion

    The family you thought you knew.

    A reunion you'll never forget.

    A love that lasts forever.

    The Bloodline

    Andy Friessen has two guarantees in life: His wife, Laura, and his children are safe from the control of his family; and a safety deposit box holds evidence that could blow his mother's world apart.

    But nothing is ever simple or easy, and one night tragedy strikes, yanking the rug from under him. This time, secrets and lies could destroy the solid foundation he's built for his family.

    The Promise

    Falling in love with Jed Friessen was a dream come true. Married to Jed, Diana has a family and is living her happily ever after. She knew heartbreak and suffering as a child, and the pain of rejection, but she now understands what it means to be loved.

    However, when the past comes knocking on her door, reminding her of everything she's left behind, everything she was, and everything she's lost, her guilt and doubt threaten the life she's built with her husband.

    The Business Plan

    Neil Friessen has almost everything he's ever wanted: his wife, the woman he's always loved, and his children, whom he never believed he would have. And an empty bank account. Until one day, that is, when he comes up with the business plan.

    The Decision

    Emily Friessen has everything a woman could want: a husband who’s the love of her life, a family that stands together, and children she wouldn’t trade for anything. To everyone around her, she’s confident and strong; but then, she has to be with a man like Brad, who is all about family and too handsome for his own good. Emily isn’t as together as she appears, though, and when life throws her and Brad a curveball, it tests their relationship, leaving Emily scrambling and feeling very much alone as both are faced with a decision no parent should have to make.

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