These are the Official Rules that govern the Trekell Art Supplies (“Trekell”) 2022 Still Life Contest (“Contest”). By participating in the Contest, you agree that you have read, accept the terms of, and are unconditionally bound by these Official Rules.

Contest Dates:

Entries will be accepted beginning February 18th, 2022 through March 31st, 2022.

Final and Progress photos must be uploaded to Trekell.com via WooBox no later than March 31st, 2022 at 11:59 PM PST.

Entry Information:

Trekell Art Supplies will be holding a Still Life Competition with Pro Team artist Todd M. Casey’s in honor of the two-year anniversary of his book The Art of Still Life!

This competition is open to US and Canadian participants. There is no entry fee for this competition. If you do not reside within the US or Canada but are interested in entering this competition, you can certainly do so! However, for prize purposes, you must have an address located within the US or Canada to receive a prize. 

This is not a lottery and winners are not chosen at random.

Please be sure your submission is the final version you want to use. We cannot switch your entry once this has been updated.

Portraits and landscapes will not be accepted as a still life.

Photos and submission information must be submitted via the official submission form found online at Trekell.com.

Photo must be a digital file uploaded via the submission form. We will not accept emailed photograph entries.

Incomplete entries will not be judged. Contestants must properly fill out the entry form as well as upload their two (2) progress photos, and one (1) final photo. These progress shots must be labeled with your name/initials and the date and cannot be digitally altered.

By submitting, contestants must agree to the following:

I hereby give permission to Trekell Art Supplies to use and/or reproduce any or all digital images for any purpose including multi-media publications (social media, website use, as well as future advertisements) without compensation to me. Trekell Art Supplies will make every reasonable effort to ensure the creator of the image is properly credited when the image is used.

I understand that my submittal may be used in its entirety or in part and may be combined with other images for use by Trekell Art Supplies and its designees.

I understand that any digital images submitted will become and remain property of Trekell Art Supplies.

I certify that the photos I submitted are unique and original, taken by me, and do not infringe upon any copyright or patent.

I certify that I have read and understand the rules of the contest.

Any submission received after the entry deadline will not be eligible.


You will need to submit three (3) photos of your work to be qualified for this competition.

PHOTO #1: A shot of your painting in the early stage with your name or initials and the date.


 A shot of your painting around the middle stage with your name or initials and the date.


 A final shot of your painting professionally shot (no initials or date for the final shot).

Todd M. Casey, Autumn, oil on panel, 9 x 12 inches, 2017

Please do not digitally alter the image after to add initials. The final images will be checked if they have been digitally altered. 


Image Requirements:

Digital source (camera, phone, media device):

JPG digital format.



  1. The Drawing, color, composition, and subject matter will all be taken into consideration when judging the competition.
  2. This painting can be done in any traditional media. (No digital, no photography)
  3. The painting can be any size you desire.
  4. You must show progress shots of the work in progress. Failure to do this will automatically disqualify you.
  5. Older work that is submitted will not be accepted.


Awards: Winners will be notified by email and announced on Instagram by April 15th, 2022

1st Place - $500.00 Trekell Gift Certificate, a signed copy of the Art of Still Life, and a Todd M. Casey print

2nd Place - $250.00 Trekell Gift Certificate, a signed copy of the Art of Still Life, and a Todd M. Casey print

3rd Place - $150.00 Trekell Gift Certificate, a signed copy of the Art of Still Life, and a Todd M. Casey print


Information contained in these official rules is for reference only and is subject to change. Trekell Art Supplies reserves the right to revise, amend, or repeal these contest rules at any time.