Terms and Conditions:

Photo contest voting starts on March 20th at 12:00am and ends on April 20th at 11:59pm.

Save the dates:

May 10th (evening), May 18th (evening), June 10th (morning)

To be in the race, you need to get 100 votes.  That simple.

1 from each couple should post photo- no advantage to both posting.

One must be from the NYC tri-state area or New Jersey with valid ID. Must be over the age of 21.

1 vote per day throughout the contest. You have to find creative ways to get votes. Some couples got on the radio, some went into the malls to get votes on there photo. Have fun and enjoy.

No voting exchange, trades or buying. You will be disqualified.

Must be in a relationship
- not married or engaged. Should we find this is incorrect; couple will be removed from the competition.

Background checks will be performed on the couples entered in the race.

Winning couple must be ready for proposal.

Race is in good fun - any behavior that is unsportsmanlike will result in immediate disqualification and the couple will be removed from the competition. Casale Jewelers and it's sponsors has the right to suspend any couple that they believe is not acting with goodwill towards the contest.

Additional rules and waiver will be provided for the couples that will complete in the "Race for the Ring".