Post a video doing the craziest thing you can think of and WIN 1 MILLION SPICE!

How to participate:

  1. Do something bonkers on video
  2. Say "For Spice!!!" on camera at least once
  3. Upload to twitter with the following hashtag: #4Spice (Will auto enter your video into the contest)
  4. Include a link to in the tweet
  5. Don't Die
  6. That's it! Once uploaded, simply share the link and get some votes!

Direct Entries (submitting directly from

  1. Input your video url (Say "For Spice!!!" on camera at least once)
  2. Input your slp address
  3. Go get votes!

Rules are subject to change under severe circumstances.

Submission with Most Votes by Jan 6th 2020 Wins! Users may vote for their favorite only Once per day

Viewing and Voting can be done via

To boost your potential votes, make sure to post a link to the tweet in Spice Token Telegram chat ( for all to see!