• Barbados Signature Giveaways

  • Enter our promotion for a chance a win monthly "Signature Giveaways" provided by industry partners who are participating in the 2022 Barbados Summer Saving Campaign!

    To enter this contest entrants are required to create and post their amazing secrets while on the island. Each month we will challenge you to create your own original content for a specified theme (eg. Culinary, Adventure, Wellness, etc.).

    3. Submission Steps

    To enter the monthly “Signature Giveaways” contest entrants are required to create and post original content for a specified theme:

    • Upload a photo or video of a “Bajan Secret”. A “Bajan Secret” can be defined as a unique local Barbados attraction, place of interest, landmark, activity or cultural item
    • The photo or video must be submitted to a public Facebook or Instagram post.
    • Published post must use the following hashtags in the accompanying post copy: #BajanSummerSecret #LoveBarbados
    • Entrants are also required to like both the VisitBarbados official Instagram and Facebook pages
    • All entrant posts must be made public for the duration of the contest in order to be eligible.


    Winners will be selected based on creativity and authentic cultural representation.

    Prizes are drawn bi-monthly with separate prizes for domestic entrants and visiting non-resident entrants.

    Please read our Full Terms and Conditions below.

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