Any player who submits a festive, holiday photo of their home during the promotional period will be entered into the contest for a chance to have their home featured on a 2019 NH Lottery holiday scratch ticket game. To enter, participants must register for and submit their image through the NH Lottery Facebook App. A valid e-mail address and current contact information is required. All images must be of homes located within New Hampshire’s boarders. By entering, the player agrees that NH Lottery may use submitted imagery in 2019 holiday themed scratch ticket, as well as in advertising and/or promotional materials. The player further agrees to allow the NH Lottery to photograph and record images of the home for the same uses.


All entries must be submitted between 12:01AM ET on October 24, 2018 and 11:59PM ET on December 16, 2018. The judging will occur December 17 through December 20,, 2018. Photos submitted after the entry deadline will not be eligible for the contest.

The deadline and contest winner announcement date is subject to change at the sole discretion of the NH Lottery.


No cash option is available for the scratch ticket award or framed photo. NH Lottery may award up to three (3) prizes per prize category. However, NH Lottery also reserves the right to not award any prize in a prize category or to offer a substitute prize of equivalent value.


Winners shall be selected by a predetermined independent judge’s panel. The independent judges will review the photos and, from all entries, choose the winner(s).

The criteria for judging are as following:

4 Points each

3 Points each

2 Points each

1 point each


Visual Impact

“Best Overall”

(4 Points each)

“In Awe!”


              (3 Points each)

"Job well done!"

"Nice job!"

(2 Points each)

Good, I can see where they were going with the design."

(1 Point each)


"I don't get it!"


(4 Points each)
Exceptionally attractive.
Well-constructed and neat.
Craftsmanship/skills are excellent.

(3 Points each)

Attractive in terms of neatness.

Good construction and not very messy.

Craftsmanship/skills are good.

(2 Points each)

The house is acceptably attractive though it may be a bit messy.

Craftsmanship/skills are average.

(1 Point each)

Distractingly messy Craftsmanship/skills are poor


(4 Points each)

Well completed and space utilized well.
ALL required components are visible.

(3 Points each)

Well completed, but space was not utilized to the full extent.

Some items seem out of place.

(2 Points each)

House is somewhat complete.

Missing something.

(1 Point each)

House decorating was attempted or not complete.


“Most Creative”

(4 Points each)

Exceptional use of new ideas and originality.

(3 Points each)

Good use of new ideas and originality.

(2 Points each)

Average use of new ideas and originality.

(1 Point each)

No use of new ideas and originality.

Holiday Theme

Fun, eye-catching, communicates holiday theme

(4 Points each)

House has catchy holiday decorations and communicates theme fully.

(3 Points each)

House has good communication of holiday theme.

(2 Points each)

House is average and common in its theme.

(1 Point each)

House does not communicate theme.

No player may win more than one prize in the contest. In the event that a person used multiple submissions or email addresses to access the Light up the Lottery contest, only one prize will be awarded upon claim verification.

NH Lottery will notify grand prize winners by phone by 4:00 PM ET on December 20, 2018 using the information provided by the player. The Grand Prize winner(s) will be express shipped the Claim Form for immediate return. Due to the timeliness of the contest, NH Lottery will send a professional photographer to photograph the grand prize winning home(s) between December 21, 2018-December 30, 2018.

Prize claims shall be in accordance with Chapter Sw 600 (Rules for Prize Claims) and other applicable rules.

To claim their prize, a player shall provide their complete contact information to NH Lottery via email or USPS, or in person with their full name, address and age verification. All requested information and required documentation for non-grand prize winners must be received by NH Lottery within 30 days of the date of winning notification. Failure to comply will result in the forfeiture of prize. The grand prize winner will receive their three books of tickets featuring their house during the 2019 Holiday season. If there is more than one house featured, all houses will be in the same book with rotating scenes.

NH Lottery shall not be responsible for any prizes lost, damaged or stolen during shipment, pick-up or use.

The name of the winner, the city/town and state they reside in, and prize won will be posted on the NH Lottery website, social media and newsletter. The city/town of where the home is located will be noted on the back of each scratch ticket that the home is featured on.


This contest is open to New Hampshire residents age 18 and over who are eligible to claim prizes under the laws,      rules, and policies of the NH Lottery. 

Contest entrants must own the home they submit for contest consideration, or have express written authorization to submit photos of the home by the owner. Proof of ownership or authorization by the owner upon prize claim may be required to claim any prize associated with this contest. Acceptable proof of ownership includes property tax payments, mortgage payments, copies of the purchase documents, a deed, or homeowner’s insurance.

NH Lottery shall not be responsible for data entry errors by entrants.

NH Lottery, at its sole discretion, may disqualify an entry, winner, or designee from participating in any aspect of the contest if they deem or suspect that such person has engaged in or has attempted to engage in any of the following:

NH Lottery reserves the right to amend the contest rules as necessary without prior notice.

Participants release and hold harmless NH Lottery and its agents and employees from any liability arising out of participation in the contest. NH Lottery is not responsible for any negligence of any person, or any claim, liability, injury, property loss, or other loss to participants or their companions arising from or in connection with any event or occurrence related to the contest.

Employees of the NHLC and their immediate family members, and employees and the immediate family members of the ad agency of record as well as NH Lottery Retailers, are not eligible to enter or win.

For additional information about the contest prizes, contact the NH Lottery Monday through Friday between the hours of 8AM and 4PM, or visit the NH Lottery website at

CHILD SUPPORT INTERCEPT – Pursuant to RSA 284:21-v, the NH Lottery is required to review all lottery prize claims subject to federal tax reporting with a child support database provided by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). In the event that a winner of any prize package described above owes child support, the winner shall have up to 21 days from the draw date to settle the total arrearage due as determined by DHHS to the DHHS, after which settlement the winner will be awarded the prize. Failure to settle any arrearage shall result in that winner’s prize package being forfeit and the package will be issued to the first available alternate winner. The original winner(s) owing Child Support shall receive no other prize or compensation from the NH Lottery relating to this game.