Which Woobox App is right for your promotion?
Take this quiz to find out which Woobox promotion app you should use for your upcoming offer!
This quiz is a demonstration of the Woobox Quiz app; it is not a foolproof diagnostic tool.
What incentive will users receive for participating?
Do you want to display user submitted content (videos, photos, text) in a public gallery for others to view and/or vote for their favorites?
Do you want to require payment as a step in the participation process?
Do you want to award bonus entries to participants for referrals (i.e., getting others to enter/participate in the promotion)?
Would you like users to be able to submit entries by posting on Twitter, Instagram, and/or your Facebook Business Page using a specified hashtag?
Which social media channel is most important for you to bring attention to with this promotion?
Do you want participants to answer a specific question or set of questions?
If you answered yes to Question #8 (above), how would you like participants to answer that question (or set of questions)?
How do you plan to select your winners?
Is there a limit to the number of prizes (or incentives) available for participants?
Do you want to require a certain number of people to participate before anyone gets their reward?
Do you want to limit participation to a pre-specified list of individuals (based on email address, Twitter, or Facebook user)?