Submission Guidelines & FAQ

1. How will my video submission content be used?

By participating and submitting a video to the Be the Next Room to Grow Ambassador challenge, participants grant to the Texas Apartment Association Education Foundation, their subsidiary or affiliated companies, the unlimited and perpetual right to use such material, in whole or in part, including his or her voice, as they deem appropriate at their sole discretion. This includes, but is not limited to, any paid digital media, any earned media, and on TAAEF's owned and operated social media sites and brand website.

2. Who can enter?

All part-time and/or full-time employees in the Texas Apartment industry, including supplier partner professionals. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older. TAAEF Board and finalist selection committee are ineligible to participate. Previous winners of the video challenge are also unable to participate. 

3. What is the entry period?

Tuesday, November 4 at 12 a.m. CT through Friday, December 6 at 11:59 p.m. CT.

4. How do I enter?

If you have any issues submitting your entry, please reach out to and we will respond promptly to help.

5. What should I discuss in my video submission?

Please address each of the following points in your video submission:

Please use complete sentences (e.g., in responding to how you found your job, please say something like: “I found my job through / on / at…”) in your video submission.

6. How many submissions can I submit?


7. How long should my video be?

2-3 minutes. 

8. Can the videos contain graphics?

No – just your beautiful face!

9. Will TAAEF accept late entries?


10. If I am chosen to be the next ambassador, what will I receive?

11. Do local apartment associations and/or industry companies benefit from this initiative?

Yes! In addition to being recognized in the announcement of the winner at the 2020 TAA Education Conference & Lone Star Expo, mentioned in the featured story in the TAAEF Update of Texas Apartments Magazine (spring 2020 issue), and having the ability to use the professionally shot video of the winner for your own marketing efforts, there are other ways local associations and companies stand to benefit if the winner is a member of your local association or is an employee at your company.

Specifically, TAAEF will provide the winning association and company with a professional photoshoot online and offline marketing, recruitment, retention and/or education efforts, and other purposes.

12. How will video and photo content of the winner be produced?

Video and photographic content will be gathered as part of the video shoot for the winner. Specifically, TAAEF’s professional videographer and photographer will capture content at his/her place of work, including brief video interviews with the local association lead and the appropriate leader at the winner’s company (e.g., his/her manager; the local GM; etc.).

Using the content gathered, TAAEF’s professional videographer and photographer will produce the new Room to Grow ambassador video featuring the winner (similar to the existing videos featured on

13. How will the winner be chosen and what is the criteria for a winning submission?

An independent selection committee comprised of industry professionals from a cross-section of backgrounds will review all submissions and pick 5 finalists.

Finalists will display a strong demonstration of the following characteristics in their video submissions:

The finalists will then be announced and up for a public vote. Public voting will be open for two weeks.

Upon completion of the two-week voting period, votes will be counted, and one winner will be selected.

14. If I am a finalist, when will I be notified?

If you are a finalist, you will be notified in January 2020.

15. If I am a finalist, will I receive any tips on how to encourage people to vote for my submission?

Yes! We will send finalists a high-level ‘tips’ sheet with recommendations on how to get your friends, family and social media communities to vote for you!

16. When will the winner be announced?

The winner will be announced in January 2019. His/her ambassador video will premiere at the General Opening Session of the 2020 TAA Education Conference & Lone Star Expo in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Video Recording Tips

1. Film in a quiet spot

2. Face the light (sunlight or indoor lighting works!)

3. Hold your phone horizontally (not up and down as you'd normally think to do) as it makes it easier to edit. 

4. Relax, smile and tell us your story – we can’t wait to hear it!

5. Please use complete sentences (e.g., in responding to how you found your job, please say something like: "I found my job through / on / at...") in your video submission.

Background on “Be the Next Ambassador”

1. What is the “Be the Next Ambassador” challenge?

“Be the Next Ambassador” is a challenge to all Texas apartment industry employees to tell us their career journey story to become the next Room to Grow ambassador!

2. What is a Room to Grow ambassador?

A Room to Grow ambassador is a Texas apartment industry professional (including those from supplier partners) who displays a commitment to their job, professional growth, and enthusiasm about their career journey – past, present and future. These individuals come from a variety of backgrounds, skills and expertise, from maintenance to leasing and more. And they are the faces of the Room to Grow campaign.

3. What is the Room to Grow campaign?

The Room to Grow campaign is an external recruitment initiative to raise awareness about the diverse, quality career opportunities in the Texas apartment industry. Through the Room to Grow campaign, TAAEF highlights the stories of our industry’s most valuable assets: people like you. We call them our Room to Grow ambassadors. You can visit to learn more.

4. Why did TAAEF launch the Room to Grow campaign?

As one of the fastest-growing industries in Texas with a variety of career opportunities for people of all walks of life, skill sets and passions, those of us in the industry know there is plenty of Room to Grow – room to grow yourself into the professional you always envisioned and, if you’re a business owner, room to grow your business. We launched the Room to Grow campaign to help get the word out about the vast, diverse career opportunities in the Texas apartment industry!

For any questions or concerns, please reach out to and we will promptly respond to your inquiry.