• Elsa MI889 was relinquished to MWBTR by her breeder due to health issues. Her mama is Lucy Lew, who we rescued in 2019 and is now in a loving home with more toys and cuddles than she knows what to do with. Remember Luigi with the heart defect we rescued last year? He is also a Lucy Lew baby, so we have been trying very hard to save all of Lucy's babies with these extreme medical issues. We have been trying to obtain ownership of Elsa for over a year... And we succeeded! But now we need your help in covering her $1,969 in medical expenses.

    Elsa MI889 has had a tough journey. From being bred constantly from a very early age, to lack of medical attention and care, her eyes were in terrible shape causing her a ton of pain and both required removal. Her sight was little to nothing, so she is no longer in any pain!

    Medical procedures to-date:

    • Initial vetting
    • Emergency eye appointment
    • Double enucleation
    • Spay
    • Dental
    • Shots
    • Neurology consultation


    $15 BASIC

    Sponsors at this basic level will get a special thank you note from Mama Lucy and a custom 4x6 print of Lucy's Crew artwork created by Cameron Schneberger and featuring Mama Lucy, daughter Elsa and son Luigi.

    $25 PAWS UP!

    Paws up friends! At this sponsorship level you'll get a thank you note from Mama Lucy a limited edition custom print of Lucy Crew's artwork and a sticker featuring the same design. Doesn't your water bottle or coffee cup need some bling?


    Boop sponsors will get the limited edition print, thank you note from Lucy and a sticker featuring the Lucy's crew design... but you'll also receive a super-limited edition holographic Lucy sticker! There are only 40 of these stickers so get your sponsorships in early.

    Elsa is a young girl and has every chance at an amazing life. But she needs your help.

    Help us get Elsa MI889 the medical care she needs by sponsoring her using the form below.

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  • Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue rescues many pups that require extensive medical treatment before being eligible for adoption. Our adoption fees rarely cover the full amount we pay for their medical care. With our new Sponsor a Boston Program, you can agree to cover a portion of the medical expense for one of our Bostons in need. Email MWBTRDonations@gmail.com with any questions.

    MWBTR will send you photos and a sponsorship record, making this the next best thing to actually adopting another Boston!