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  • His crime was unforgivable, but the law protects him.

    If an alleged crime is reported to you, but no victim can be found, has a crime been committed? This is exactly the question Billy Jo McCabe asks Detective Mark Friessen when an anonymous woman approaches her and tells her about an unspeakable crime taking place right under the watch of the chief of police, in his own family.

    They soon learn family is family, and the victim has been hiding her secret for years. But she’s not just any victim: She’s the niece of the chief of police, Tolly Shephard.

    But when Mark and Billy Jo dig into the chief, his family, and the secret they’re hiding they soon discover the players in this game are people who use the law to their advantage, and sometimes the law doesn’t protect the innocent—and it has the best non disclosures money can buy.

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