• We’re continually inspired by tweens and teens actively building a brighter future. The 2023 Frigo® Cheese Heads® Build a Bright Future winners include future leaders who are making their mark and deserve recognition. Meet some of our past winners for a little inspiration. 

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    Frigo Cheese Heads Build a Bright Future Winners: 2023

    Anvi Saxena, 16, of Frisco, Texas, is the co-founder of Rallying for Refugees, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping refugees in the Dallas community make new connections and feel at home. The organization has several high school chapters who are actively involved. They partner with several local refugee centers to help refugee families directly and have raised more than $5,000 and impacted 135 refugee families. Anvi, her co-founders and other members have created fun social events for the organization such as volleyball tournaments, Thanksgiving dinners and tutoring workshops. Anvi’s dream is to help refugee families and make them feel like a part of her community. In the course of two years, she has helped establish the organization well, and hopes to help more refugee families in the future.

    Ruby Chalupka, 14, of Austin, Texas, is the founder and operator of LunchLine Candles, a candle company that funds school lunches for students in need. With the slogan “Smell Good. Do Good,” LunchLine Candles is still in the early development stages. Ruby has purchased sample scents and wax to create a few simple candles including strawberry milk, vanilla milk and apple crisp. Ruby hopes to to move onto the next stage of her business by receiving mentoring on her website and continued financial support so she can continue purchasing supplies.

    Barrett Deng, 15, of Santa Cruz, California, is the co-founder of Clore, a company that produces fire retardants for the communities most affected by wildfires. Clore’s products not only have shown to work against fighting fires by releasing carbon dioxide in a safe way for the environment but also treating the ground, preventing it from catching on fire as well, which no other fire retardant has done. With two third-party certifications under their belt, Clore aims to not only safeguard landscapes but homes and other infrastructure as well. On the heels of their soft launch in the Santa Cruz mountains, Clore hopes to now begin allocating funds to Facebook and Nextdoor ads, allowing them to engage with local communities online.I

    Julia Howe, 15, of San Francisco, California, is the co-found of Hitting The Wall, a student-athlete-led organization focused on giving young female athletes the mental and physical health resources they need to lead healthy, well rounded lives. The creation of Hitting the Wall began as a direct response to the toxic environment Julia had witnessed herself in her cross-country team last year. Their goal is to continue educating coaches who may not be fully aware of the complexities of girlhood and sports. As they begin to expand, they will continue creating content for their podcast that features fitness entrepreneurs, and Olympians along with compiling research to host seminars that includes over 60 attendees.

    Olivia Wilson, 15, of New York, New York, is the creator of Covers for Recovery, which provides books to children recovering in hospitals across New York. Olivia believes that every child recovering in a hospital should have access to the healing gift of reading. Since last summer, Olivia has raised over $1,300 to purchase new books and received used book donations which has resulted in 350 book deliveries to hospitals in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Olivia has even gone a step further by purchasing books for younger siblings to read while in the waiting room at these hospitals.