Reach only the people you want

With our Audience Management tool you can generate and save a specific group of Facebook users to whom you can promote your content, using a diverse and powerful set of options.

Flexible Targeting.

  • Target just your fans or just your fans' friends
  • Filter by demographic parameters like age, gender and location
  • Filter by a multitude of interests from general to specific
  • Manually build specific custom audiences based on information you have gathered, like emails or phone numbers
  • Generate custom audiences automatically using Website Remarketing

You can also combine any (or ALL) of the above methods to get as specific as you might need with who sees your content.

Uncover your Best Performing Audiences.

You can reuse Audiences you create for multiple promoted posts and campaigns to track the performance of each Audience. All Ad statistics are broken down for each Audience the content is promoted to, allowing you to compare how each one does!

Save Targeted Audiences to Reuse.

With our Audience Management you can create a target Audience and save it to be used with any promoted post. You can craft an Audience suited to your long term goals and reach them over and over again through new promoted posts, with just one click.

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