Basic photo contest rules


Photo Contest User Policy

The person who uploads a picture or other visual material (hereinafter: user) declares that he or she is authorized to use this material. The user guarantees to be the rightful owner of the material, or to represent the rightful owner of all intellectual property regarding the uploaded material.

In case of a violation or misuse of intellectual or commercial property, it is up to the victim to take action against the violator of the aforementioned rights. Xpozer is no party in such cases, and will not play any part in them. The user indemnifies Xpozer from any responsibilities in the case of a dispute.

The user is responsible for the correctness and completeness of the posted material. Xpozer takes no responsibility for the contents of the posted material.

Xpozer has a fair use policy. This means Xpozer has the right to deny Photo Contest entry to users who, in any way, abuse the tools and services provided by Xpozer. Xpozer is not responsible for damages done in any way, by denying entry to the Photo Contest.

Your uploaded material will not be used for any other purposes than to promote the Xpozer Photo Contest. By uploading material in the Xpozer Photo Contest, you agree to this use. Your file might be used for the Xpozer blog or social media channels. It will not be shared in any other way. Xpozer is in no way responsible for contradictory agreements with third parties, including agreements with photographed models.

The user guarantees that the posted material is in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and in particular, does not violate public policies and generally accepted values and standards, and will not contain: offensive, gross or degrading materials and/or statements, elements that affect the privacy of third parties or that are offensive or obscene, or that may incite violations or crimes. It is therefore - but not exclusively - forbidden to post vulgar, hateful, threatening and (child) pornographic material. If such material is placed, Xpozer has the right to deny the user access to current and subsequent photo competitions.

The web master, administrator and moderators from Xpozer are able to - and have the right to - remove all content that, to their opinion, does not comply with our policy. Xpozer does not take responsibility for damages of any kind, directly or indirectly, including but not limited to loss of data, copyright infringement, hacking attempts, created in any way by and/or arising from the material placed on, for whatever reason.

Xpozer is not liable for claims for damages of third parties. De user indemnifies Xpozer against all claims for compensation in this regard, as well as any legal action based on the assertion of infringement of any (intellectual) rights of third parties.

The user agrees that all user provided data will be saved in a database. This information won’t be published to any third parties without the users’ permission (except in the case of any illegal activity). However, Xpozer’s web master or administrator cannot be held liable in case of a hacking attempt, which might lead to publishing of the database.