• Valery Rozov has shared photos conquering the Chamonix Mountains in France and the Cordillera Blanca in Peru. The #FXTMbasejump project continues with a new contest! Take a photo of your adventure, share it with FXTM, get your friends to vote & be one of our 5 winners to receive amazing signed prizes! *
  • What is an Adventure Photo?
    We want to see you going on an adventure! Up the mountains, at the sea, across your city borders, anything you want! Redefine your Limits like Valery in the #FXTMbasejump project and show us what your adventure is like!
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  • TO ENTER: Simply post a photo of an adventure of yours from August 8th til August 26th & get your friends to vote! Winners will be chosen through the highest number of votes and will win exclusive Valery Rozov signed giveaways. Plus have a chance to be featured on our Facebook page as the victorious winners! *T&C's apply.
  • FXTM has partnered with BASE Jumping legend, Red Bull athlete, Valery Rozov.
    FXTM and Valery Rozov share a passion of going beyond the ordinary. By supporting this acclaimed Red Bull athlete on his journey to conquer something entirely new, FXTM will show its dedication to its clients - inspiring them to take their trading to even greater heights. Follow the #FXTMbasejump project on http://fxtm.co/fxtm-basejump