• Honor A Hidden Hero

  • Do you know an educator who has demonstrated heroic leadership that is worthy of celebrating? Share your stories!

    GLISI's mission is to uplift leaders > transform mindsets and action > create vibrant cultures of innovation > build excellent and equitable schools. We hear stories every day through our work of heroic leadership, stories that have been amplified amidst a global pandemic and civil unrest. Teachers and leaders are going to extraordinary lengths to ensure that children and communities don't just survive these crises, but emerge stronger and more resilient. 

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    Nominate any education hero—a teacher, an assistant principal, a principal, a counselor, a bus driver, a school nurse, or even yourself! Open nationwide; not just Georgia!

    Entries with the most votes by December 1, 2020 at 11:59 pm will receive an awesome prize and a spotlight on GLISI's social media:

    1st Place: iPad Pro

    2nd Place: Bose Headphones

    3rd Place: Standing Desk

    Votes limited to once a day per person.

    Bonus: Additional prizes will also be awarded to nominators!

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