1. Contestants create video and upload to YouTube or Vimeo.
2. Contestants submit video link and application form.
3. CSCMP reviews videos internally.
4. CSCMP publishes contestants’ videos in the public gallery and enables supporter voting*.
5. CSCMP & Geodis review videos and select winner.
6. CSCMP announces winner.

*Voting allowed once daily from when the video is published through July 13, 2021 at 12 pm CDT. The number of votes will not determine the winner, but rather showcase each contestant's ability to mobilize and engage their personal social networks. Public voting will provide social support to individual video submissions.


May 27: Video contest opens; voting begins
Jul 5: Deadline for video submissions
July 6-13: Additional supporter voting period
July 14-21: CSCMP & Geodis review videos and select winner
Jul 23: Video contestants are notified 
Jul 30: CSCMP announces winner

For any questions, contact Rocio Cadena at