• Welcome to the Harney & Sons Happy Blendings Sweepstakes! Help us choose our newest Harney tea and be entered to win a $50 Harney & Sons gift card and our six previous Happy Blendings teas. To enter, vote for one of the six teas listed below and enter your name and email. 

    Smoky Mountains – Lapsang Souchong, maple and vanilla

    Matcha Earl Grey – Bancha, Matcha, and bergamot

    French Macaron – Mutan White, almond, vanilla, caramel, and lavender

    Meadow’s Mist – an herbal blend with rose lavender, spearmint, wintergreen, and sage

    Citrus Breeze – Ti Quan Yin, coconut, and lime

    Root Beer – Ceylon, vanilla, molasses, ginger, and liquorice root

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