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    -PDF Infographic of "Eight Pillars of Connection for Kids and Communities"

    -Three guided audio mediations by the authors:

    The Light Within Meditation

    Reconnect to the Light of the Universe shining within you. Using the yogic technique pratyahara, learn to withdraw your senses from the outside world and experience the immense peace and goodness that’s already inside you. 

    Breath Meditation

    Find your center, no matter where you are in your day. Breath meditation is a simple and powerful technique to bring you back to the present moment using the breath to gather your attention. Tune in and reclaim your cool, calm, and collected superpowers.

    Lovingkindess Meditation

    Tap into the vast power of the heart. Lovingkindness meditation puts you in touch with your innate ability to be kind and caring to yourself, your community, and the planet. Learn how to harness the most powerful force in the universe: love. 

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