• 2024 Submission Form

  • Submission Deadline: Sunday 30th June 2024.

    This form is for entries to the up to 7 years old category only. Please use the 8-12 age group or 13-16 age group forms to enter those categories.

    Do NOT send us your artwork. The first stage of selection is done online.

    Results from the first phase of selection will be announced on our website on Thursday 4 July. Successful junior artists will be asked to ship their original artwork to us here in the UK for the next phase of selection which starts in August.

    Finalists will be announced in September.

    Please note: Only one entry per artist. You will not receive an email to confirm submission but you will see a confirmation message on your screen (after you press ENTER), with a link to download a certificate of participation.

    If you wish to make multiple submissions from a college/school, please use our Multiple Entry Spreadsheet instead of this form.