The Official Competition Rules & Terms for Contestants

The Next Impactor Competition will discover and launch the single most impactful person we all know. It could be you, your teacher, a singer, a coach, a business leader or anyone with a mission to help people. In a world focused on all things wrong, this competition will bring hope, positivity and inspiration to all things right!  If you know people with an impactful story, we want them in this competition. 

About the Competition:

Every contestant must enter at before March 15th, 2019. 

Contestants will go thru a series of challenges and submit videos for both the public and the coaches will use to decide who goes on to the next round of the competition.  Videos do not need to be professional - they just need to be impactful!  

All voting will be conducted on this site. Share your videos often on social and encourage votes, comments and shares from your friends. This will not be the deciding factor in the early rounds, but will definitely factor in later in the competition. It is however a great way to stand out in the crowd with 1000's of applications to review. The videos are ranked by votes in the gallery - fyi. 

Contest Disqualification

Those who do not register at, but still submit their videos, will be disqualified from the competition. The judges and producers of the show also reserve the right to remove people and entries that conflict with the intent and standards set forth by the competition committee. To ensure you are not removed, follow this one simple rule - lead with the intention to spread joy, love, peace and hope. 

Video Content:

All content should strive to bring hope, positivity, inspiration to the people you intend to impact. Any immoral or unethical content will be removed.  The intent of this competition is to create positive IMPACT across the globe by being the light of the world. Whether you win or not, your part matters!  

  1. The Next Impactor is Abundant. The winner will be the one most committed and the one who encourages all of their impactful friends, family and ore to enter as well!
  2. The Next Impactor is Influential by getting their friends to like, comment, vote and share
  3. The Next Impactor will go the extra mile.

Video Length:  This is up to you. Remember, that you will move forward in the competition based upon votes, so make sure that you captivate your audience quickly so they watch your entire video. 

Video Quality:  People spend entire days watching low quality, high impact video. That said, you are welcome to produce high quality video as well. Whatever is needed to convey your impact is fair game. If you are looking for a video marketing/production resource, please contact us at and we will refer you. 

How do you win:

Watch the Exclusive Bootcamp where we give you exactly what we are looking for in the Next Impactor. To purchase the training or the Cheatsheet, click here now!


Each contestant is allowed one video submission each round. Make it good!


You and your friends can vote daily by visiting this site. 


You can find support in the Next Impactor Community on Facebook for participants only.


There are no refund, raincheck or transfers of your entry into the competition, or for purchases of the bootcamp videos. 

Contest Prizes:  Winners will receive $500,000 in valuable prizes with no obligations, or transfer of ownership/partnership from the prize contributors.