Promotion "Future Young Talent"

1. The rules of the competition

The subject-matter of this document is state clearly and completely the rules (the "Rules") of the promotion campaign "Future Young Talent" (the "Contest"). This document presents the only regulation of the mandatory rules of the competition stated on the promotional materials for participants. These rules may be amended only by written appendix to this document published in a same way as this document.

Organizer of the competition is
Future Kiting s.r.o.,
Headquartered in Čelákovice, Dělnická 1740, 25088, Czech Republic
Identification Number 28990749 VAT number CZ28990749
E-mail address:
Legally represented by Martin Havlík, as CEO
(hereinafter the "Organizer" or "FK")

2. Date and venue of the competition

The competition takes place worldwide in the period from 1. 4. 2015 to 30. 9. 2015 (hereinafter referred to as "the period of the competition" and "venue of the competition").

3. Participation in the competition

3.1 The competitor can only be a physical person under age of 18 years who is not excluded from competition within the meaning of Article 6.8 of these rules below and who will register for participation in the competition in venue of the competition as stated in Article 3.2 of these rules below and meets other conditions specified in these rules.

3.2 Competitors shall enroll on the Facebook page (hereinafter referred to as the "Contest Website") by filling the competition registration form fully and truthfully. Mandatory information in the form is:
• Name and surname
• The name and surname of the legal representative of the competitor
• Nationality
• Age
• Contact e-mail address

Optional information
• Contact phone number,
• How long is she/he kiteboarding?
• What/ who inspired him/her to start with kiteboarding
3.3 If the contestant does not fill in any of the items “mandatory information”, registration for the competition will not be effective or will be deemed invalid.

3.4 Competitors who will participate in this competition can compete in other contests or other promotions Organizer.

3.5 Only those contestants who meet all the conditions of the competition and fills in all the required registration information may be included in the competition and become the winner of the competition. The registration of competitor that does not contain all the required information will not be accepted. The organizer has the right to assess the fulfillment of the conditions of competition by individual competitors at any time.

4. Prizes in the competition, the course of the competition, determination of the winner

4.1 The first prize in this competition is a yearlong sponsorship, which consists of the Future Kiting equipment (board, 2 sizes of kites and branded Future Kiting clothes).
Second prize, which contestants can get is a workshop with Mike Blomvall terminated by a professional kite video shooting. This prize does not include the travel cost to the shooting location. There is three of these prizes.
Registered competitors should send to the organizer a portrait picture photo and an amateur video with a maximum length of 30 seconds, capturing his/her trick or ride. The jury (composed of representatives of the Organizer) shall select a winner based on the following criteria
1. A competitor ranks among the top 10 with the highest number of “likes” for his/her video.
2. The competitor has obvious talent for kiteboarding, which will be assessed by a professional jury
3. The competitor shows in his/her video creative trick or ride

The second prize will be granted to the winner of the first prize, as well as to two competitors with highest number of likes.
In case the selected winner would not be eligible to win the prize for any reason, the new winner will be the one with the next highest amount of likes for his/her video. In case there will be more competitors with a same number of likes, winner will be selected by the jury. Turns out that the winner does not have any reason eligible to win under these rules, the winner is determined by the competitor with the next highest number of “likes”, which at the time the contest is duly registered on the competition website, fulfilled all conditions required by competition rules. In the case, there will be more winners with the same numbers of “likes”, the winner of the second prize will be determines by jury.

5. Prize giving

5.1 The Organizer will contact the winners of the prizes by telephone to the contact phone number or e-mail to the contact e-mail address in the registration form no later than ten working days after the jury decision and will agree with him on a way of handing over or shipping the first prize and on details for the location and timing for the workshop and video shooting
Winner is required to provide to the Organizer his address to which the prize should be sent and provide the Organizer with interview and photo for promotional purposes for FK.

5.2 The organizer reserves the right to ban from the contest competitors, in case of reasonable suspicion of fraud or acting contrary to good morals, even when performed by third parties.
The organizer reserves the right not to award the prize if case of reasonable doubts about the way how the videos were shot, reasonable suspicion of a fraudulent misconduct, or in case of breach of these rules of the competition and any case of acting against the good morals.

5.3 If the winner expresses refusal of the prize, the competitor is no longer eligible to receive it and the Organizer at its discretion, may provide the prize further to next competitor in the order as stated by these rules above, or eventually use it for other marketing or charitable purposes.
The organizer will proceed in the same way according to this article if the Organizer fails repeatedly (at least three times) in trying to contact the winner via the contact e-mail or phone number given on the registration form.

5.4 Prizes will be handed over to the winners no later than 5 months after the end of the competition. About the handover of the prize will be created a protocol which winners are required to sign. The protocol will contain the name and surname, date of birth, place of birth and address of the winner.

6. Final Provisions

6.1 Organizer is not responsible for any technical problems during the transfers of data via the internet or other electronic means.

6.2 By enrolling for the competition, competitors express his or her agreement with the competition rules and commits to comply with them fully. Rights and duties arising in connection with the Contest, which are not stated in these rules shall be governed by the laws of the Czech Republic.

6.3 The organizer reserves the right to amend or modify the contest rules or completely cancel the contest without stating a specific reason, without replacement, as well as replace any of the prize by another of similar prize and value. Any modification in the competition rules, dismissal or replacement of prizes shall be published in written form on the competition website.

6.4 Enforcement of participation in the contest or the payment of money instead of above described prizes is not possible and contestants are not allowed to claim the exchange of those prizes, claim or assert rights of defective performance in connection with the acquired prizes. The organizer is not responsible for any damage contestants may have suffered during their participation in the Contest or or winnings.

6.5 By enrolling for the competition contestants agree that in case of winning the organizer can arrange for making visual or audiovisual recordings of his person, and publish them in the media and in promotional materials of the organizer, along with the full name of the winner, the prize data and value.
Contestants will not be entitled to any remuneration in connection with the acquisition and publishing of the visual or audiovisual materials of them and waive in this regard any financial or other claims he might arise.

By enrolling for the competition participants give their consent with processing of the personal data they provided in the registration form, to the extent of this form, and also in case of winning also with the information regarding the prizes and their values. Prize giving information, also all the audio or audiovisual materials made or obtained during and after the competition (further Personal data) by the Organizer, who is regarded in this case a administrator of this data for the purpose of organization of the competition and in case of winning for the purpose of the financial administration and taxes, and publishing of the winning in media and promotion materials of the organizer, for 1 year after the end of competition.

6.7 Personal data will be processed automatically in electronic form. Contestant further acknowledges that it has rights according to § 11, 12, 21 of the Act. No. 101/2000 Coll., on Personal Data Protection, as amended, ie. especially that providing personal data is voluntary and consent with the processing cost at any time to the organizer or manager of any future appeal (in case of withdrawal of consent to the processing of the personal data will be erased or otherwise disposed of), he has the right to access contestant's personal information (including information on the scope and purpose of the processing and all available information about their sources), and the right to rectify these data, addition, blocking incorrect personal data, their liquidation, etc. In case of doubt, the processing of personal data is inconsistent with the protection of private and personal life of a competitor or contrary to law, the competitor may ask the Organizer or any future manager of explanation and immediate removal of defective condition, or may apply directly to the The Office for Personal Data Protection.

6.8 From the competition shall be excluded all employees of the contest organizers and individuals cooperating with the organizer in organizing the competition.

6.9 The winners grant upon sending photos and videos Organizer free consent to their use for all purposes for which they were created, especially for business and marketing purposes, without limiting the time and location of the use.

6.10 Organizer declares that Facebook is completely exempt from any obligations, which could have arisen from this competition. Organizer declares that this competition is by no means sponsored, endorsed, related or administered by Facebook.

6.11 The comprehensive rules are published on the competition website and the website of the Organizer In case of conflict between the text shortened rules in any promotional material presenting this competition and the complete rules published on the competition website, the latter shall prevail.