1. Theme of the competition

Croatia In Your Pocket and Austrian Airlines hereby invite you to participate in the ‘A taste of Croatia under Austrian influence’ Photo Competition. This contest showcases Austrian charm around Croatia through architecture, gastronomy, culture, fashion, history, travel, etc.

2. How to enter

Participants may enter the Competition by uploading their entries to the Photo Contest application on the Zagreb In Your Pocket Facebook page. Or they can share their photos on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #CroatiaUnderAustrianInfluence & #CroatiaIYP.

3. Eligibility

The Competition is open to everyone. Entrants must be 18 at the time the winners are announced (by 18/12/15). All entries will be carefully moderated. You do not have to be a professional photographer.

4. Entries

Participants may submit a maximum of three entries. Entries that are offensive, defamatory or obscene, or that disclose unnecessary personal information will also be rejected from the competition. Composite images are not eligible. Photos can be edited and filters applied, however, entries must comprise one image only. Photos that contain more than one image shot separately are not allowed. Entries comprised of photo collages or images with additional elements (watermarks, text, etc.) will be rejected. Photos shot using various methods (i.e. long exposure, stacking) and camera built-in effects are accepted.

5. Copyright

All entries must be original works and the participant must either be the sole owner or the transferee of the copyright. By entering the competition, participants retain full copyright of their images. However, participants also agree to be bound by Facebook legal terms Rules. Participants also grant Plava Ponistra d.o.o. (Croatia In Your Pocket) the right to publish and exhibit uploaded photographs. Participants must obtain written consent from any individuals aged 18 or above who are identifiable in a photograph. Participants taking a photograph of anyone under 18 must ensure that they obtain the written consent of that child’s parent/guardian. It is the participants’ responsibility to ensure that the necessary consent has been obtained. Participants should retain the original digital file negative of their entry as they may be asked to prove ownership of the work, as well as provide the promoter with the photo in the highest possible resolution.

6. Moderation

All photos are checked to make sure that they meet the competition rules before being accepted into the gallery. Once a photo has been reviewed, participants will receive an email (foto.inyourpocket@gmail.com) with notification of whether it has been accepted or rejected, on which they should send the original version of photo they entered the contest with.

7. Entry period

Entries may be submitted to the competition at any time during the period 16 September 2015 to 16 December 2015, 12:00pm Central European Time.

8. Selection of winners

i. Votes: Voting begins on 21 September and ends on 16 December 2015, 12:00pm Central European Time. Users accessing the application will be asked to vote for their favourite entries by checking the vote button. Users will be able to vote once.

ii. Jury selection: The jury will consist of three members from Croatia In Your Pocket. The 10 photos which receive the most votes will be entered into the jury selection, alongside 10 ‘wildcard’ photos from the competition, chosen by the jury. From this pool, the jury will select the winner. The selection of the 10 ‘wildcard’ photos and of the final winner will be based on the following criteria: aesthetic quality, and creativity and relevance to the competition theme. The jury’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into on its decision. At the end of the jury selection period, the jury winner will be notified by email. Each photo that enters the final selection should be made available in high resolution, otherwise it may be disqualified.

9. Cheating

Please compete fairly and respect your fellow participants. Any participant reasonably suspected of cheating, including but not limited to the unfair acquisition of votes, will be disqualified from the competition and their entries removed. No correspondence will be entered into on this matter.

10. Prizes

The winner will receive: Round trip tickets Zagreb - Vienna for two people, including all taxes and fees, until 30 June 2016. The winner must announce dates for travel 30 days prior due to limited space in the airplane.

11. Acceptance of Competition Rules

By entering the competition, the participants agree to be bound by the Competition Rules, including assurances on the copyright of entries.