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Facebook uses a combination of complicated engagement metrics to determine which of your posts will show up in your fan's news feed, to make sure users are only seeing the content most interesting to them. Unfortunately, what this means is even if they are a fan of your page, enjoy seeing your content, and want to see your content, if they don't regularly engage with what you post (e.g. via liking, commenting, etc.), Facebook treats them as if they are uninterested in your content and doesn't show them your posts.

On average, only 3-8% of your total fan base will see what you post - and those people are already your most highly-engaged fans. So how do you reach the other 92-98%? By advertising with promoted Facebook posts! You've put a lot of time and creativity (not to mention money) into your campaign. Don't you want to make sure all your fans - or whoever you wish to target - see and enter your contest? (Or sign up for your sweepstakes? Vote in your poll?)

Promote your Woobox campaigns.

Our Facebook Ads system is integrated with our Marketing Apps. With one click you can generate a "promoted post" from your campaign to reach a larger percentage of your fans, friends of fans, or other audiences. All you need to do is specify a budget and the audience. Then you're advertising!

Track Ads' Effect on Promotion results.

Our Ad stats allow you to measure the effectiveness of your Ad's ability to increase engagement on your campaign. You can correlate Ad statistics like audience reach, clicks and engagement with campaigns stats such as entries and shares to see just how effective your Ad is at increasing engagement on your campaign. Then, you can adjust your audiences or even your Ad content to refine your advertising strategy.

Unleash the power of audience management.

With our Audience Management tool you can sculpt just the right Facebook audience on who is most likely to be interested in your campaign with a myriad of options including:

  • Target just your fans or just your fans' friends
  • Filter by demographic parameters like age, gender and location
  • Filter by a multitude of interests from general to specific
  • Manually build custom audiences based on information you have gathered, such as emails or phone numbers
  • Generate custom audiences automatically using Website Remarketing
  • Combine all of the above to get surgical with promoting your campaign

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