• What do you know more about, popular culture or at-risk critters?

  • Repetitive rock bands, 80s haircuts, fake news — the world is filled with a lot of non-essential stuff. But it does need the 521 plants and animals species at risk of extinction that Ecojustice fights to protect. If we do nothing, these plants and animals, like dinosaurs or the cronut, will never be seen again. Some things fade away. Plants and animals shouldn’t.

    Take the quiz below to test if you know more about three remarkable animal species or pop culture, which — as much as we love it — just isn’t as important.

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  • Ready to find out if you know as much about at-risk critters as you do pop culture?

  • Get your score by filling out the form below and join Ecojustice in critical legal fights to defend nature and protect species at risk.

    Why is this important? Because we arguably need beavers, bears and narwhals more than we need Bieber, Care Bears and Nardwuar. Pop culture reflects our diversity. Protecting biodiversity ensures the health of our planet, ourselves and future generations. In Canada, there are some laws and policies in place to protect nature, but many plants and animals are left without adequate protection. And sometimes existing laws are broken or not enforced. Defending nature is 100% our responsibility. Thank you for joining the fight for a healthy environment for all.

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