• 2024 Climate Video Challenge Entry Form (for 1 Film Maker or Designated Film Maker)

  • This contest is open to California residents in grades 6-12.

    For contest information, click here.

    For questions, contact coast4u@coastal.ca.gov.

    Thank you for submitting a video to the Climate Video Challenge! If you are the only film maker or the designated film maker for your group, please complete this form to enter your video. The designated film maker will serve as the main contact to answer any questions and receive the contest prize on behalf of the group members if your video is chosen. Pick a film maker who's good at responding promptly to email and be sure to use an email you will check during the summer! We recommend that you not use a school email address.

    In completing this form, you are consenting to the contest's Consent, Waiver of Liability, and Release. If the film maker is under 18, complete this form with your parent or guardian, who must consent on your behalf.