• 2024 ACLU of Arkansas

    Civil Liberties: A Bill of Rights

    Art and Essay Contest

  • The ACLU of Arkansas is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the civil liberties and civil rights guaranteed to all Arkansans by the U.S. and Arkansas Constitutions and civil rights laws. The ACLU dares to create a more perfect union for all in Arkansas and America — beyond one person, party, or side.

    The ACLU of Arkansas works in our courts, legislatures, and community on a multitude of issues including Voting Rights, Reproductive Rights, LGBTQ Rights, Women’s Rights, Criminal Justice, Disabilities, Equal Rights, Free Speech, HIV/AIDS, Immigrants’ Rights, Juvenile Justice, National Security, Prisoner’s Rights, Privacy, Racial Justice, Religion and Belief, Students’ Rights and Technology and Freedom.

    While considering the work that the ACLU does, and the rights and people for which the ACLU stands, how would YOU achieve a more perfect Arkansas?

  • I give my child permission to enter the following submission in the 2024 ACLU of Arkansas Civil Liberties Art and Essay Contest.