Promote your content specifically to your website visitors.

Users who have visited your website have indicated they are already interested in your product or services, and therefore they may be more likely to buy from you in the future if they see you on Facebook. At the very least, they are interested in what you have to say and are ripe for increasing your fan engagement levels. With Website Remarketing on Facebook you can catch those Facebook users peeking at your website pages and promote posts specifically to them!

Track what pages users see and sort them into audiences.

When you set up your website to collect visitors, you can filter them into different Audiences based on the pages they visited. Want an Audience for the people who got to your checkout page and then abandoned your cart? Or one for visitors to a specific brand or product page? Website Remarketing can do it for you automatically!

Some inspiration for what you can accomplish with website remarketing.

Website Remarketing is a powerful tool, especially when combined with our other Ad offerings. Here are some ideas on how to use Website Remarketing to execute feats of advertising genius on Facebook:

  • Imagine sharing all of your Facebook posts with people who visited your Website in the past six months. Not only is it possible, but you can use Woobox's Ad Triggers system to do it automatically.
  • Combine your website visitor Audience with the many other targeting options available through our Audience Management tool to target only the most relevant users for your campaign.
  • Use data from users who visited specific pages to advertise specific product categories and brands. Did someone see a recent article you posted about your product? Show them your content!

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