1. Each film entered must be done so on the official entry form.
  2. Films can be any length between 30 seconds and 4 minutes (240 seconds).
  3. All entries must be fly fishing related.
  4. Submissions may not contain any sponsor logos or branding.
  5. No “Promotional” or advertisement style films will be accepted.
  6. You must have the authority to submit the film for our consideration.
  7. Your film will be viewable to the general public for voting purposes.
  8. You must have obtained all the necessary rights (including music, image & film rights), consents, authorizations and licenses covering the film. There must not be pending or anticipated litigation regarding the film.
  9. If you have copyright material in your film you must provide legal documentation of your permission of its use. Films with copyright material that do not provide this documentation will be disqualified.
  10. The film must not include hate speech, excessive violence, slanderous or libelous claims, profanities, or any other actionable offenses.
  11. The film must not (i) infringe any rights of publicity or privacy, moral rights or IP rights, including any music-related rights, (ii) be defamatory or indecent, and (iii) violate any applicable laws.
  12. All submissions containing footage of fish, must abide by the “KeepemwetTM" principles, which can be seen at: (http://www.keepemwet.org/#home).
  13. Submissions must be made by amateur film makers only – defined by “having never been paid to make a film or video". 
  14. There is no limit to the number of films a film maker can submit, but each one must be accompanied by an official entry form.
  15. RIO Products reserves the right to ban, disqualify or not accept any film deemed inappropriate by the panel, without written explanation.
  16. No film can have been previously exposed in the public domain.
  17. Only one person can be listed as the film maker. In the event of a collaboration, the entrants must decide who will be the beneficiary of any award.
  18. If under the age of 18, applicant must get written permission from legal guardian.