Set a budget, establish parameters, and let Woobox do the rest!

Our Ad Trigger system will automatically promote the type of content you specify to your fans. Each post that is triggered will be boosted to a promoted post, leading to more eyes and more clicks on your message. With automatic boosting you can ensure your posts will reach the eyes of the people you want them to.

Automate your advertising.

Whenever you post to Facebook, our Ad Triggers system will determine if your post meets your pre-determined rules for promoting posts and will automatically promote them to the audience you selected. The set up is easy:

  1. Set rules for which of your posts should get boosted based on what's in the message, where the post links to, and much more
  2. Select your target audience(s)
  3. Set your budget and how long the Ad should be live

After you've done these steps just let the system run. Woobox will promote those posts you want to be seen, to the people you want to see them, automatically.

Monitor performance to determine which Posts and Audiences get results.

The Ad Triggers system builds upon the host of statistics available through our Ads interface. In addition to statistics available for each Ad triggered, each Trigger you create tabulates such essentials as Average Audience Reach and Average Cost-Per-Click among all the Ads triggered thus far.

You can compare these metrics with the rules you established for your Ad Trigger to gain major insight into what works and what doesn't with your audience(s).

Get dead simple with Trigger Recipes.

The Ad Triggers system is ultimately about simplicity. So, Woobox has created (and will continue to add) pre-defined Trigger Recipes. With these recipes your Ad experience becomes even simpler: set a budget, set a time period, and save! Here's some of the recipes so far:

  • Promote All Posts to All Fans - Tired of only reaching a small percent of your fans with organic news feed distribution? Reach most of your fans for way less than you might expect.
  • Promote All Posts Linking to your Website to All Fans - Post your products with a link to your website on your Facebook page and let them advertise themselves!
  • Promote All Photo Posts - Boost only your posts that feature a picture/photo, and ensure your Ad content is vibrant and eye-catching.

If these recipes don't have what you need, you can change them however you like. You can shape who you reach with your automated triggers using our Audience Management tool.

Discover what you can accomplish

There are lots of options to work with when creating a Trigger. Use the Trigger Recipes as a starting point, and shape them to perfectly fit your needs. Maybe boost only photo posts mentioning a product? Linking to an event? With a certain number of likes? The possibilities are endless! Dig in, experiment, and see what works.

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