• Win an OASE biOrb AIR 60

  • Terrariums allow you to incorporate a contemporary design with soothing, natural elements that are a stunning stand-out feature in any room. The introduction of houseplants is a great investment that looks amazing, brings nature indoors and some even purify the air in our homes and increase oxygen levels.

    So enhance your home with a stunning OASE biOrbAir 60 terrarium. This is an automated terrarium that offers hassle-free plant care, that can be filled with hard-to-maintain exotic plants.

    Now no matter how much space you have outdoors, you can feel the benefit of seeing the natural world, indoors.

    Key Features

    • Automatic terrarium for convenient plant care: Lighting, humidity, and air circulation are automatically controlled
    • Capillarity matting and a built-in reservoir reduces the need for regular watering
    • Suitable for sensitive, exotic plants and guaranteed easy to set up
    • biOrb AIR 60 comes with all the necessary technology and appropriate accessories.
    • Made of highly-resistant, clear acrylic
    • Unique and transformable through decoration variants
    • 24 V transformer and energy-efficient LED lighting
    • The biOrb AIR can be placed wherever looks best in your home. No natural light is required as the biOrb AIR has an automatic 24-hour day-night cycle that provides 12 hours of light with a dawn and dusk setting at either end of the daylight timings, start time can be set as required. 
    • Comes with a 2-year manufacturers guarantee
    • Available in 3 colour options: White, Grey, and Black
    • Winner may choose their preferred colour

    T&C's Apply

    Closes 31/03/23 at 11:59PM

    UK Residents Only

    Good Luck!

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