• One night in 2003, a dessert-loving UPenn student was playing video games with his roommates and craving a sweet, delicious treat to complement his late-night gaming binge. With little to no options for getting quality dessert delivery at that time, it spawned a half-baked idea, which ultimately led to the warm cookie delivery service known today as Insomnia Cookies.

    Fast forward to 2020, with over 175+ locations nationwide, Insomnia Cookies is every sweet-lover's one-stop-shop for warm cookies, cold ice cream, Cookie'wiches, brownies, cookie cakes and more.

    To honor Insomnia Cookies' gaming roots, we've partnered with Guild Wars 2 for this sweet sweepstakes! Guild Wars 2 is an award-winning MMORPG from the known cookie fiends at ArenaNet. It features fast-paced action combat, detailed character customization, and a core game that's free to play—plus a crafting system so you can bake treats to your heart's content.

  • Enter for your chance to win a Munch and Play Pack! Ten (10) random sweepstakes entrants will each receive:

    Path of Fire Ultimate Edition Codes!

    Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, Living World Story Content, Max-Level Boost, Additional Character Slot, Identity Repair Kit, Sunspear Outfit, Lily of the Elon Permanent Pass, 4000 Gems

    One $50 Insomnia Cookies Gift Card!

    Additionally, the sweepstakes entrant who refers the most additional entrants using the unique share link provided on the sweepstakes "thank you" page will receive:

    Icebrood Saga Hero's Bundle Code

    An item booster, karma booster, experience booster, Icebrood Saga Ogre minipet and a 10 slot bag (account bound)

    One $10 Insomnia Cookies Gift Card

    Fill out the form below to enter. Submissions can be submitted through August 12th at 11:59 PM EDT. Limit one (1) submission per person. See rules for complete details.

    And be sure to tell friends about the campaign – tag @insomniacookies + @guildwars2 on social media. Thanks!

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