• Name a Quasi Moon!

    A contest from Radiolab and the International Astronomical Union

  • In Radiolab’s Zoozve episode, we named our first ever quasi-moon! Now it’s your turn! Radiolab is partnering with the International Astronomical Union to launch a global naming contest for a whole new moon, one of Earth’s quasi-moons! Submit one of your own (now through September) or vote on a name you like best (in October). It’s your chance to make your mark on the heavens!

    For the submission form:

    Be creative, and note that the name has to be a mythological name and has a few other naming requirements, so please read those carefully! We can’t wait to read your submissions. Good luck!

    What even is a quasi-moon?

    A quasi-moon is a space rock that orbits the sun nearby a planet. Weirdly, if you watch it from the planet, it looks like it’s going around you the way a moon would. But it’s too small and too far away to be a moon. And it’s barely being pulled around by the planet’s gravity. So it’s just hanging out, doing this funny awkward cosmic dance with the planet. Not a moon, but also not NOT a moon.