• Congratulations to SKS Props the grand prize winner of the Cosplay Contest!

  • Watch the final broadcast to see all of the contestants and winners!

  • HokuProps is a Propmaker and Digital artist. Hoku designs props and costumes in 3d and uses an array of tools and techniques to bring them to life. Winner of Twitchcon 2016 with his Lionhardt costume.

    VertVixen specializes on creating epic art and costumes with a focus on using Digital Sculpting and 3D modeling for 3D printing. Zbrush is the main program she uses here but she also builds with foam and worbla to create costumes and props! Her passion lies in creating the most epic art and costumes possible, whether it is 3D or foam! (Photographer for Shard: Sideshow Collectibles)

    AlpacaAsh is a 3D video game artist who loves creating cosplay using sewing, embroidery, and 3D printing.

    VampyBitMe is a Cosplayer, Huge Gundam Nerd, and a tiny metal head that loves being an Otaku!