• Featured in the image above is HokuProps, the grand prize winner from 2016! To see the show and find out who else won from the Twitch Creative Cosplay Contest in 2016, check out the VOD here.

  • Please read the official rules before entering. Complete the form to enter:

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  • FAQ


    What are the prizes this year? (Prizes in USD)

    · 1st PRIZE: $15,000

    · 2nd PRIZE: $8,000

    · 3rd PRIZE: $4,000

    · CATEGORY PRIZES: One per Category, for a total of four: $1000

    When can I submit my entry?

    Entries are open now but you need to complete 15 hours of broadcasting before submitting along with all required material in the submission form.

    What should the highlight focus on? What should be shown in the photo?

    The 60 second highlight should show the act of creating the cosplay and the photo can focus on what the final piece will look like when worn. Feel free to include multiple pictures in one, such as a collage, showing multiple angles of the final piece but the photo must be square. The square photo will be shown on the voting page.

    As a Twitch Partner, can I participate?


    What if I have already started working on the cosplay?

    Even if you have started, as long as you broadcast and archive 15 hours of the creation process you can enter.

    Are groups allowed to enter the competition? Can there be more than one person in the same costume?

    If there are multiple people and multiple costumes, you can submit these as separate entries but not as one entry. If there are multiple people in one costume, ie Larger than Life made with multiple people, you can submit one entry from one person. If the cosplay is accepted into finalists or wins, the person who submitted the entry will receive the stipend or winnings.

    Do I have to have the full cosplay completed by the submission date or can we work on it afterwards?

    To be eligible, you have to have a costume complete or nearly complete, enough to give the judges an idea of the finished costume. You can finish and add details before Twitchcon.

    How are the 20 finalists chosen?

    There will be a public voting period where 4 of the finalists are chosen by the public. The rest will be picked by a panel of judges.

    What is different from last year?

    The travel stipend for Larger than Life has been increased and the contest is no longer open to Canadian applications. We wanted to keep the international entries and possibly expand but legal restrictions have forced us to limit this to US only.

    Have a question that is not here?

    You can contact us at creativehelp@twitch.tv if you have a question that is not in our FAQ!