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Social Media Campaigns

Increase engagement directly on your social posts. Collect content and incentivize participation in contests and giveaways using hashtags, likes, and comments on social platforms.

Instagram Giveaway

Easily pick Instagram contest and giveaway winners from comments on your Instagram posts.

Hashtag Contest

Collect, manage, and display user generated photos and videos from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter users who post content with your hashtag.


Landing Pages

Collect leads, insights, and reward your audience with landing pages for forms, contests, quizzes, polls, giveaways, coupons, digital codes, tournament brackets, and more.


Gather entries, motivate participants to share, and easily select random or specific winners.

Photo/Video Contest

Collect, curate, and display user generated content with custom entry forms, voting, and automatic hashtag entry.


Solicit feedback and gain insights from your audience with an easy to create poll.


Incentivize your audience with one-per-person coupons for retail and ecommerce including printable coupons and unique digital codes.

Instant Win

Set the odds of winning any of several prizes and give participants a chance to win a prize instantly.


Collect any type of information you require with a beautiful completely customizable web form.

Personality Quiz

What type of marketer are you? Create interactive personality quizzes that entertain and engage while collecting more leads through social sharing.

Trivia Quiz

Test your audience's knowledge with an interactive trivia quiz for collecting leads, educating, and incentivizing your visitors.


Create predictive and voting brackets with up to 64 choices that your audience can complete in one or more rounds.

Code Giveaway

Upload a list of unique codes and distribute one code for each unique person that participants in your giveaway.


Webpage Popups

Create custom popup website overlays for your blog, ecommerce shop, or any website. No coding required.


Ask your website visitors for any information you want with a fully customizable popup form.


Grow your email list with an easy and customizable email newsletter signup popup you can get running in minutes.

Discount Code

Incentivize email signups or purchases with unique digital codes a visitor gets after completing your form.



Engage your users on your website with beautiful embedded hashtag galleries, polls, and custom forms.

Hashtag Gallery

Collect, curate, and display a gallery of photos and videos from hashtags posted on social platforms.


Collect leads or any information you require with embeddable fully customizable forms.


Collect insights from your website audience with an embedded poll.

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