• 2021 Art of Science Contest

    Thank you to all who have participated in this year's contest and voted in the people's choice award. See all of this years' winners here.

  • 2021 Art of Science People's Choice Winner

    Congratulations to the Art of Science People's Choice Award winner – Deepika Regmi, Ph.D., a graduate student in the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science.⁠

    Title: AFM images of prion fragment 106-128 fibrillization reaction⁠

    Description: Prion disease is a fatal neurodegenerative disorder of the central nervous system. Prion fragments (106-128) have a high propensity to accumulate in the brain and cause prion diseases. We want to investigate an anti-prion compound that inhibits or delays the aggregation process. Green tea contains polyphenols and flavonoids — an important class of antioxidants — and can therefore fight or even prevent diseases. The AFM image of the prion 106-128 fibrillization reactions in in-vitro conditions, under physiological conditions, incubated for 85 hours in the absence and presence of polyphenols. ⁠

    Image 1: The prion peptide itself forms dense amyloid fibrils (without polyphenols).⁠

    Image 2: The fibrillization reaction of prion peptides with 100 µM naringenin (polyphenol). Naringenin does not significantly modulate the fibrillization of prion peptides. ⁠

    Image 3: The formation of amyloid fibrils of prion peptides with 100 µM quercetin (polyphenol). Quercetin slightly inhibits the aggregation of prion peptides.⁠