• You don’t have to travel from Amarillo to the Rio Grande Valley, or from El Paso to Texarkana to see the beauty of the Lone Star State — it’s as close as your neighborhood, or even your backyard.

    This summer, we’re asking you to share that beauty with us. 

    Join our summer-long photo contest. Choose from 12 categories and more than 40 photo prompts listed below, many found within a short distance of your own home.

    It’s easy to participate: just snap a photo in any category and post it to Twitter, Instagram, or the TPW magazine Facebook page with the hashtag #InTheWildhood or upload your photos below. We’ll spotlight a different category each week on our social media pages. Look for our favorites in a future issue of Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine.

    For the official contest rules, click here. Problems uploading your files? Email us here.


  • Birds, reptiles, amphibians
  • Small mammals, outdoor pets, backyard livestock
  • Flying bug, crawling bug, spider in web
  • Puddle, lake, stream, river, pond, fountain
  • Wind chimes, outdoor lights, gorgeous gardens
  • Rain, fog, sunshine, clouds, lightning
  • Birdhouse, gazing ball, statuary, pollinator plants
  • Succulent/cacti, flower, tree
  • Fungi/mushroom, moss, ivy, overgrown yard
  • Sunrise, sunset, moon, stars, Milky Way
  • Boat, fishing gear, neighborhood trail
  • Atmospheric, interesting rocks, nature abstracts
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