• Overhaulin’ is coming back! Yes, it’s true. We’re ready to get into the shop and start building.

    We need your help to nominate someone with a good car and an even better story for a chance to be featured in the new season of Overhaulin’.

    We want you to think of the most deserving person you can, fill out an application and submit them to the show using the form below. 


    Anyone you are submitting to be the "Mark" (the person whose car will be overhauled) cannot know about this, so please DO NOT TELL ANYONE!

    The car MUST be in running condition.

    You must supply at least 1 picture in each category below:

    1) Interior of the car

    2) Exterior of the car

    3) Full picture of the car

    4) Picture of the "Mark"

    5) Picture of the "Accomplice"

    (The "Accomplice" is referred to as the person who is nominating the "Mark")

    Please note, applications without pictures will not be accepted and applications will not be accepted in person or via phone calls.

  • Car Information

    The "Mark's Information"
    (The "Mark" is referred to as the person whose car will be overhauled)

    The "Accomplice" Information
    By submitting photos: you guarantee that you are the sole originator of these assets; (ii) you have the legal right to submit them for consideration; and (iii) you grant Motor Trend Group, LLC the perpetual, worldwide, transferable, and sublicensable right (but not the obligation) to use and authorize others to use these assets in and in connection with the program, including but not limited to its promotion, advertising, production, exhibition, distribution and other exploitation.