• The 4th Annual Dockside Cup

  • March 2 - April 5

    The Final Results are in...

  • Starting at the beginning of March, our top brands unleash their most terpene-rich, beautiful, and smooth-hitting flower to compete in this 5-week long, bracket-style competition in the spirit of March Madness.

    Each week, anticipation builds as votes from people in our cannabis community, like you, determine which strain will move forward. Now it's down to the Final Four, and every vote counts. We're eager to find out who will take home the Cup!

  • Late to the game? Scroll down to read about each strain and catch up on what you missed...

  • Four-twenty deals are already here. Get excited for more and more each week all the way through May 5 — some as deep as 60% off!

  • Here's a review of the first four matches...

  • Match One

  • Final result: Gelato Runtz!

  • Artizen's Gelato Runtz

  • (Gelato x Runtz)

  • Aroma & Taste: It’s like eating pancakes with a lumberjack in the center of a lush pine forest! The perfect combination of piney sweetness, with a touch of gas on the tail end.

    Appearance: Pockets of orange pistils punch through like blazing fires on a purple-tinged green. A heavy coat of crystalline frost drapes this purple gem.

    Experience: Whether you're working hard or hardly working, this hard-hitting high will see you through to blissful contentment. Your worries will wash away while your mind remains mindful. Perfect for videogames or adding a chipper tune to your daily chores.

  • Doc & Yeti's Cherry Pie

  • (Grandaddy Purple x Durban Poison)

  • Aroma & Taste: A divine olfactory experience with a fragrance of sweet cherries and earth. 

    Appearance: Compact purple buds and bright orange hairs dotted with trichomes that sparkle like precious gems. Each nug has colors that burst forth like a fireworks show. 

    Experience: As you break apart each sticky and resinous nugget, the sumptuous aroma intensifies. And with each puff, the sweet, cherry pie flavor delivers. An old-school classic that combines two great genetics, and in turn, delivers the best of both worlds — a gentle calm takes hold of the body while uplifting the mind. This is an extraordinary hybrid that is both relaxing and mood-boosting. 

  • Match Two

  • Final Result: Raspberry Bellini

  • Voting for match two is closed.

  • Sweetwater's Raspberry Bellini

  • (Lemon Tree x Cherry Do-Si-Do)

  • Aroma & Taste: powerful, crisp citrus nose with a fruit-forward, sugary taste

    Appearance: Beautifully stacked nugs filled with dark purple hues and lined with snowy-white crystals. Fiery orange pistils complement this backdrop for an eye-catching stunner.

    Experience: Contagious laughter, filled with a slightly energetic mood-enhancing buzz. Raspberry Bellini is unique to Sweetwater Farms — a truly rare, tasty, and worthwhile gem.

  • Royal Tree Gardens' RS-11

  • (Sunset Sherbert x OZ Kush)

  • Aroma & Taste: smells sweet, earthy, and gassy all at once and tastes of creamy citrus and pine.

    Appearance: Large buds with a tight, dense structure that are deep green with dark amber hairs and medium frost all over.

    Experience: Heavy in the body with a slight heady euphoria— good for pain management, sleep, and stress relief. Currently one of the hottest strains in California, now making its debut in the Washington market.

  • Match Three

  • Final Result: Apple Slapz

  • Voting for match three is closed.

  • Fire Bros' Crepe Ape

  • (London Pound Cake 75 x Project 4516)

  • Aroma & Taste: Funky & sweet with a hint of subtle grape bouquet.

    Appearance: A lovely dark green bud with purple hues, covered in gorgeous red hairs. Like viewing a piece of art, these bright red hairs pop in contrast to the dark green and purple hues and really dazzle the eyes.

    Experience: Prepare for euphoric relaxation, a sense of well-being, bursts of creative inspiration, and decreased levels of stress and anxiety.

  • Sky High's Apple Slapz

  • (Apple Fritter x Sherb) x Kush Mints)

  • Aroma & Taste: A fabulously rich aroma of earthy cookies. Generous hints of Kush, sweet woods, and mint tantalize the taste buds and are followed in kind with a delicious smoke, toke after toke.

    Appearance: This trichome-laden beauty exhibits brush strokes of deep purple and green highlighted by bright orange pistils. Her unique shape is slender and often culminates to a point reminiscent of a wizard's hat. Bred from legendary genetics, a seasoned cannasseur may note strain attributes classic to ChewDawg, Cinderella 99, Fire OG, and Bubba Kush.

    Experience: Apple Slapz hits you right in the kisser with her superhuman might. Kapow! Stress falls like a sack of potatoes. This hybrid hits you right in the head and has you floating amongst the clouds.

  • Match Four

  • Final Result: Z Trufflez

  • Voting closed 3/29 at 9pm.

  • Hella Loud's Creme Sherbet

  • (Ice Cream Cake x Sherb Bx1-Bonezgrown)

  • Aroma & Flavor: Sweet, pungent, gassy, funky — each hit coats your mouth with a sweet Sherbet flavor.

    Appearance: These nugs have a dark purple appearance with green hues scattered throughout and sprinkled with light-colored trichomes.

    Experience: Cream Sherb is a beautiful smoke with a flavor to match its looks. Expect to feel happy, relaxed, calm, and carefree after a toke of this creamy treat.

  • Lifted's Z Trufflez

  • (Zkittlez x Gorilla Butter F2 "white truffle" cut)

  • Aroma & Taste: A fusion of parent strains that is every stoner's dream — Zkittles provides a candy-sweet taste contrasting the gassy aroma from the White Truffle. Elevating your pallet and lifting your sense, Z Trufflez is one of the terpiest strains Lifted cultivates.

    Appearance: dense buds with iridescent purple, deep green, and light green hues with glistening amber trichomes all covered in frost.

    Experience: The euphoric high brings you back to the first time you smoked — with both the munchies and the giggles! The stoney body-high is perfect for kickbacks with friends or quality solo time.

  • The Final Four

  • Winners from the past four weeks qualify for the final round. Vote to determine who takes home the cup!

  • Final Result: Apple Slapz

  • Voting closed at 4/5 at 9 pm.

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